Forcentury is no more

Hey everybody,

It is with heavy hearts albeit with some relief, that we have now decided to close the book of Forcentury.

Lives change, people change, bands change. The last 1½ years have been particularly tough. Losing our lead vocalist put the band in a vulnerable state, from which we tried very hard and long to recover.

We had a great number of hopefuls audition for us, and while some rose above the rest, the general impression was still, that finding a suitable vocalist is as hard as finding true love. This, along with some rather major changes in our personal lives, has left us with very few options.

We have discussed and pondered ways to record the next batch of songs, but we always return to the fact, that even if we managed to make an album, we would still have to hire a mercenary vocalist. In the end, we wouldn't have a complete band to bring the music to you, live, which is the main reason we have kept the engines running for 8 years.

Maybe some day down the line, we will get fortunate enough to be able to record and perform under the Forcentury moniker once again, but for now — it's goodbye.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years, and — as always — stay METAL!

\m/  Marc, JaCK and Jonas  \m/

March 28th 2016